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Rune Yoga Stadhagaldr

Rune - Yoga

Stadhagaldr is a magical system of Runic Postures. Gestures and Postures are used in every Magical practice. The Aim of Stadhagaldr, runic postures is to allow you to control your body through posture. You can control your thoughts through Song, control of breath and emotions. Also raising consciousness and becoming more aware of your self and the world around you.

The pioneers of Stadhagaldr are the early 20th Century Runemasters, F.B. Marby, S.A. Krummer, and Karl Spiesberger. They developed a system of Runic Yoga that harnessed the streams of power of the Universe, which is now referred to as the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.

Marby spoke of the Quantum Ocean when he said, "The inner space of the Earth is a vast, but contained, zone of tranquil space that radiates energy. The material Earth's space is the Physical matter of the planet.”

The Quantum Ocean is an infinite ocean of intelligent, thinking energy where everything exists in the form of energy. Our physical Earth is one of the manifestations of an energy pattern within the Quantum Ocean.

The Rune Magician, Sorcerer and Wizard knows how to receive and send patterns of energy from the Quantum Ocean to any place on Earth regardless of DISTANCE. They become antennas for the reception and broadcast of Runic Energies.

They can draw into themselves certain Runic forces or combination of forces by using proper Runic postures and Runic sounds.

By becoming aware of these Runic forces the Rune Magician, Wizard and Sorcerer can guide them consciously and help with the evolution of the their ancestral soul.

The Runes are Universal Creative Energies and their first effect is on the transformation and healing of the individual practicing Rune Yoga, Stadhagaldr.

Guido Von List has presented us with an Armanen set of Runic Yoga exercises. They are very powerful and effective because they only use 18 Runes.

It is very difficult to find good information on Guido Von List's Runic Yoga exercises. The Knights of Runes is a good source for this information. Email me for free runes newsletter.

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