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Rune Sig Yoga For Success and Victory


Attract Success and Victory by using the combination of the Ancient Wisdom of Runes and the power of Quantum Physics,

When doing runic exercises of any kind, it is best to concentrate. Focus your attention on ONE RUNE KEY WORD. And only one rune a day

Your mind is a very powerful tool and it will help you immensly if you use it correctly. Bring your mind into play whenever you are doing runic exercises. Do not let it wander.


Let us say for this example, you have chosen Thursday to do your RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS exercises. You can do this for one day, seven days or for 30 days. Only you know your situation and the runic energies you need to turn your life around.

Ideally it is best to choose a new rune each day, to exercise with. This will start those Quantum Ocean runic energies on their way. And soon you will begin to notice the changes. Each day move onto the next rune, etc., etc. Choose a different rune to work with each day.

Be patient and soon you will have a whole stream of runic energies coming your way. No one knows the time factor for anothers life. How long will it take to see positive results? How many blockages towards being successful do you possess inside of you?

Try to do the Rune-Yoga-SIG exercises in the mornings.

Try to do the Rune-SIG-Breathing Exercises just before bed.

Keep a Rune-SIG symbol in front of you all day. Bring it to work with you; tape one on your mirror; one on your frig door; one in front of your TV set; one on the dash of your car; one on your desk at work.

What you will be doing is reinforcing your connection to the flow of RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into your aura.

Your mind makes the mental link. Whatever you think about you touch.


Think SUCCESS all day. Make Thursday Victory/Success Day.

Use the powers of your creative visualization at odd times during the day. See yourself winning at sports. Actually see yourself winning a chess or a card game. See your horse coming in first at the race track. See yourself smiling and looking and feeling better.. See that beautiful girl saying "YES" to your invitation to supper. See your boss saying "YES" to your request for a raise. See yourself successful in anything that you attempt, even before you attempt it. Send the Rune SIG energies in first to prepare the grounds for VICTORY/SUCCESS.



Let us think this through together. Let us say you wake up in the morning with 10 pounds of mental creative energy. As you go through your day, everything you think about uses mental creative energy. One ounce wasted here, one ounce there

How much of this mental creative energy are you actually using to create a more successful life for yourself?

When you go to bed at night and take mental inventory of what you thought about during the day, how does it shape up? Valuable mental creative energy wasted on idle gossip; mental flirting; watching TV; talking on the phone; fantasizing; reading newspapers; on worrying and talking about what ails you, your past failures, 9 1/2 pounds would you say?

No wonder you are unhappy and unsuccessful. That means you only used 1/2 pound of mental creative energy to create a more successful life. More exactly how much mental creative energy did you use for your SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS exercises?

*** Rune Secret***

The more energy you put into your daily RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS exercises the more successful you will become. Runes are Universal Creative Energies waiting for you to use them to better your own life. Stop playing with the runes and use them to open the doors of victory/success for you.

Your life is lived one day at a time. Tomorrows future is built on what you do today. Where you place your mental creative energy today. Place them on success and the runes.

As one German Runemaster once said:

"Most peoples lives are frittered away like so much idle chatter."

Don't let this happen to you!

You are going to learn to use your mental creative energy and the RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS exercises to create a sucessful life for yourself.

Remember for this example, Thursday is your RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS day.


In the morning make a connection to the success energy in the Quantum Ocean with your RUNE-YOGA-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS exercise.

You will start the runic success energy flowing towards you. (Remember it will fill your aura first.) Speed up the flow by using your mind and creative visualization at different times during the day. Keep the RUNE SIG symbol in front of your eyes all day. Finish the day by doing your RUNE-SIG-BREATHING exercise. This fills your aura with success energy before going to sleep.

Your aura filled with RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS energy will start to gather ideas, people, events, moving towards you as you sleep. Next day be aware of your phone calls, your mail, the people you meet, the events that come your way. The seeds of success. are contained in them

TAKE ACTION on them!

This is how attracting success out of the Quantum Ocean using RUNE-SIG-VICTORY/SUCCESS works!

Remember the real key to SIG runic success energy is that it is slowly and surely filling your aura. All failure starts in the aura. So does all runic success.

Think of your aura as a 55 gallon drum which has some soot and sludge in it causing failure.
The SIG runic success energy is like a fawcet that drips, drips, drips powerful clean clear water (success water) into it. Slowly but surely the runic energies will clean the dirty water and as it cleans better success follows.




It is best to do this runic yoga exercise in the mornings in front of an open window to get fresh air. Stand erect in all runic yoga exercises. Relax and breathe deeply. Now take a deep breath through your nose and sit on a chair with body straight at right angles. (See picture below.) As you are breathing in intone mentally:

"I am now drawing the runic success energy of SIG from the Quantum Ocean, into my aura."

You can visualize this as a golden stream of light if you like. Visualize the runic success energy flowing towards you. Exhale through your mouth and as you exhale see the dark cloud of blocked energy that has kept you from success and victory leaving you. Using your mind and your creative visualization increases the power of your exercise ten fold.

***Rune Secrets***

This is why all powerful and effective magical rune work is done alone and in private. Why do you want to be in a circle of people who are exhaling their negative failure vibrations???

Three times is the magic number to do this morning runic exercise.

Now stop and go about your business with the assurance that the runic success energy flow from the Quantum Ocean to your aura is taking place.


At odd times during the day you can practice the RUNE YOGA SIG HAND POSITION

Look at the picture below. Use either your left hand or your right hand. Form the SIG shape with your fingers. Look at picture below.


Take a deep breath and as you are breathing in intone mentally:

"I am now drawing the runic success of SIG, from the Quantum Ocean, into my aura."

Visualize the runic success energy flowing towards you. Exhale through your mouth and see as you exhale the dark cloud of blocked energy that has kept you from success leaving you.

Visualization will reinforce the runic energy exchange from the Quantum to your aura. The more often you do the quicker your success will come to you.

Use Rune SIG anyway you wish. It is connected to the success energies in the quantum ocean.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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